Josh Elliot

Josh Elliot

Whose heart would not melt when Josh Elliot gives you that puppy-dog look? says George Duroy. One of Bel Ami’s best-known and most popular models, Josh matches a trim and lean figure with a hefty package. After three years of bottoming, he blossomed into a first-rate top. “Josh has a teasing sense of humor and a seductive innocence that contrasts in a very appealing way with a wild side when he is having sex,” George says. He might appear shy onscreen occasionally, but Josh is actually quite funny and personable in private. His famously boyish haircut takes a few years off of his age, but it took quite a lot of begging before George gave him the green light to cut it. “Josh is the complete package,” George is fond of saying, and that is because he is also quite intelligent. He holds a degree in logistics and transportation systems as well as a masters degree. After contributing many memorable episodes in some of Bel Ami’s biggest movies, Josh is now retired from performing onscreen. These days he is quite busy behind the scenes as a cameraman/editor, and an important part of the Bel Ami family. – Take the free tour and see Josh Elliot hard and naked in his movies!


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