Roman Prada

Roman Prada

Roman Prada has a nice, smooth build with a cute smile and boy-next-door appeal. “He has a very wholesome, boyish look,” George Duroy recalls. “Roman was one of the models I underused and to this day, I don’t understand why. I am still sorry for it. I never used him in a big role. Roman had a very outgoing, happy personality and a beautiful cock.” George also says that Roman’s personality reminded him of Yves Carradine in that he was rarely to be found in a cranky mood. He was recruited from a swim team in a small Czech city (as you can see from his physique). Because he was such good company, Roman would often travel with George as a production assistant. Although privately they are very different, there are many similarities between Roman and Joey Amis onscreen. – Take the free tour and see Roman Prada hard and naked in his movies!


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